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National Park Slovak Paradise

Slovak Paradise is situated between warmer and dryer Hornad river basin and colder and more humid massif of Slovenské rudohorie (mountain massif in sout-east of Slovakia). This location creates conditions for multiplicity of plant and animal species. Its natural richness is based on water. Many streams and river Hornad created deep gorges and vallyes of this national park. Karstic region of Slovenský raj is know by its rich underground water supplies and karstic formations as caves, holes etc.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Cingov
  • Prielom Hornadu
  • Sucha Bela
  • Velký Sokol
  • Piecky
  • Klastorná roklina


The gorge at its extreme sites is provided by technical aids (ladders, bridges, footbridges, footsteps, chains). Passage alongside the gorge is only one-way (from bellow upstream) and requires the appropriate equipment including sturdy hiking boots. Estimated travel time of hiking is about 2 hours, but it can take longer time due to bad weather conditions, high water level or visitors attendance. Please, keep to the instructions of Visiting rules of Slovenský Raj National Park, Rangers and Mountain Rescue Service.


Slovak Paradise

slovak paradise
slovak paradise
slovak paradise
slovak paradise
slovak paradise
slovak paradise
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